The Perfect Red Nail Polish & Top Coat From Phydra

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Red nail polish is a classic. I got this gorgeous red nail polish from Phydra shop last month.
It's the The Misslyn Gel effect color 222. This shade has a little tint of vermilion.
The best part for me about this nail polish is the brush. It's big, flat and allows the perfect finish. For someone who messes every single time, this application was easy. The brush matters to me and I give a ten on ten to Misslyn for this.
Even if the nail polish dried up within 1 minute, I let it sit for 5 more before the second application. The first layer itself is enough but second is best. It also glides smoothly on the nail. I like the texture.You can buy this nail polish along with its duo top coat for a gel effect. 

I wasn't looking for a gel effect, I instead got the 60 sec top dry.


The top coat definitely dried up within 60 seconds. It's like the cherry on the top. With one thin layer of top coat, my nail polish lasted three days. The second time I used it, I applied a more generous amount and it lasted five days.

I give this one a 7 out of 10. It's not too thick, adds the right amount of shine, really makes the nail polish last longer and dries quickly.

I would totally recommend trying this Misslyn red nail polish. I think it's the perfect red shade with Christmas and the year-end around the corner. The festive season is coming sooonnn!!! If you don't have any current top coat, surely give this one a try.

Also red comes in different shades. I'm more into red, with a slight vermilion to it. 
Which one do you prefer the most, burgundy, classic, orange or coral red???

One Shoulder Top & Blue Sky Jeans

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I had an awesome birthday, a very memorable one. The view was splendid at Mahebourg Waterfront yesterday, with colorful sailboats on the sea. I think they were practicing for the Grand Regatta. I knew the heat would be crazy, so I wore this very light top that I got myself on Saturday, along with my comfiest jeans. The top is striped blue with flowers on it and it has straps on one shoulder. As for my jeans, they are my favorite right now. They are high-rise and the blue sky color is very pretty. 
I love my Grendha sandals. They are cute, trendy and I don't get any arch pain from them. I'm also crushing over these blue tinted sunglasses.

One Shoulder Top-Island Haze
Small tassel Earrings-Chrub

Do you like my oufit??? What about the henna tattoo? Comment down below. ♥

Summer Songs to Enjoy the Sun

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Here is a list of songs to keep you company on a sunny weekend.

August Favorites

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August was a challenging month for me. In the midst of all the chaos, I did find time for myself and enjoyed this month. I've been so much into blue eyeliners and orange-red lipsticks lately. My skin care routine also changed.
I got an indoor tree. 🌿
 It's a ruffled fan palm and I just love it. I never knew having an indoor plant could be so appeasing.
Also it was really hard for me to dress winter. I can't, it doesn't suit me and doesn't feel right. I'm glad that Summer is making its way back! The weather is getting hotter day by day already.

First let's have a look at my most worn accessories.
I adore the bohemian bracelets that I got from Chrubs. I used these as a pop of color to my outfits.

I've been obssessed with this ankle bracelet the whole month. The shell along with the green beads are a constant reminder of the beach to me. I would love to craft some ankle bracelets.


The crown ring was my go to accessory.
Forget about the ring, let us have a look at the awesome red lipstick.
Wait it's an orange red shade, and looks gorgeous paired with blue eyeliners. It's the Maybelline Colorsensational bold lipstick in Orange Danger 883. Love the name, the shade & texture! 
It pops like crazy in selfies. I guarantee that. You can't go unnoticed wearing this shade! 😂


The mild papaya peeling is from Thefaceshop. This product is amazing. I get a better result when I use the cleansing foam mung bean first. (which is from the same brand) I have to pat my face dry after that because the peel should be used on dry face and massaged for 30 secs. My skin feels lighter, & smoother after the peel. Then I proceed with my regular moisturising routine. I have a combination skin and I've really seen results using the peel once a week. It got rid of some pimple scars on my face and I'm really happy with this purchase. Let me know if you'd like a review on this product!


I've been longing for a pair of bright fuchsia heels for many months. I finally got the perfect pair back in July. There was a big sale at Aldo and I went crazy that day. I got these heels for 890 MUR.
The cut outs on the inner side make them sexier. I also love the fish scale texture and that it's not plain fuchsia. Plus they are really comfy.

That's it for my August favorites! I wish you all a lovely September.
There are four months left for this year to end, let's make them memorable!

Seashell Display


Remember when I shared a coastal trip from Pointe aux Roches to La Prairie? I collected some seashells on that day. I had the idea of making a collection display and got the perfect bowl for that.
 Stay with me, we'll have a walk along the beach, collect seashells to complete this decor idea! 

Finding intact seashells is very hard but I did get lucky at times. 

The sea was rough on that day and many corals and debris were washed on the shore.

This one is so tiny and cute.

I love abalone shells, simply because of their shiny colors on the inside. It's very different from the others.

Let's get to the display now!
First I made sure that the sand was dry enough or else this would have been a mess, with it sticking to the glass. Next I poured the sand and tapped the bowl to settle everything evenly. (Also I flipped the bowl upside down, it looks better this way.)
The big shells went in first and then the small ones. Luckily my hands fit in the sides of the bowl and I was able to place all of the them correctly.

Gladly the shell on this coral didn't budge at all, even when I tapped the bowl. I spent some time filling the gaps and got a little creative.

Here's the final result! 
The big coral on the top is big enough that it doesn't slide to the bottom. 

This was simple. The right decor makes a big difference. For instance, I love sea related stuffs, big green leaves and wood because it makes me feel more peaceful and happy.

Did you like my seashell display? Tell me more about your decor ideas.