Green Girl Part 1: Be Mindful About Nature

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I'm so happy about today's post. It’s part one of our new blog series, Green Girl. All you need to know is that every 22nd of the month, I will have a blog post about environmental awareness. The basis of this topic is to first of all notice the nature around us & its importance on a daily basis. It is only then that you will truly realize why we need to preserve our natural world. There are many reasons on how we all depend on the nature surrounding us. Let me remind you of the simplest ones. We are all busy in our hectic lives and sometimes forget to be grateful or enjoy the simple things.

Air is part of nature. Every single breath you take is a gift.

Every time you wish for a break, look up at the sky.

When was the last time you enjoyed a starry sky?

It takes only a few seconds to stop and enjoy your surroundings.

Even in busy streets, listen to the birds or feel the wind. 

Any natural sounds will be pleasant to the ears.

How does it feel to listen to leaves rustling in the wind?

Green is very soothing to the eyes.

I want you to realize how much easier it gets to be happier when you nourish your soul with nature.
You don't have to travel far, visit a small garden or take a stroll on the beach. 
It is that easy to relax.

We are part of a big ecosystem. The beauty of this world depends on us as much as we depend on it. This is why we should protect & care for our environment. 

Wait for the 22nd of September for Part 2 & I promise it will be worth a read.